Hey There!

We are Laurel & Andrew, the husband and wife team behind Galley & Fen dedicated to designing beautiful, simple wares for your home. All of our products are hand-made by artisans, and as often as possible, made right here in our beautiful city of Salt Lake City.

Galley & Fen came to us like most ideas — while stuck in traffic on the way home from an 8-5 job that wasn't fulfilling any creative outlets.

We continuously found ourselves venting about design that derived no pleasure from the simple elements and relied on cheap grandeur to compensate. From that frustration came our motto: Simple Things Should Be Beautiful. We were tired of uninspiring design work, unproven aesthetics, and the mistaken notion that good design must be expensive. 

With that as our mantra and a desire to change that paradigm, we looked to the past for inspiration, proven aesthetics, and decided it was time to open shop designing and creating finishes that hearken back to simpler times and convey beauty in every element -- including the simple ones. With every product and space we create, we are determined to help bring about a renaissance of elegantly simple, beautiful designs. 

If the above sounds overly impassioned, we apologize -- we will calm back down in a minute or two. We are really just a husband and wife that are passionate (to a fault) about good design and have a deep appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us. We were lucky enough to grow up in the stunning Wasatch Mountains of Utah where you will still find us today, either exploring the pristine wilderness around us on bikes and skis, or back to raving about design.  Thanks for stopping by, and hopefully you take away something you find here.

Laurel & Andrew Newton